ASX 200 to rise, Hancock & Gore releases FY2022 results

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Looking for premium Market opportunities, presenting premium and exclusive services for investors. Welcome to the ASX breakfast exclusive to calcine TV. Where we provide, you with all the information you’ll need for a successful day of trading. The Australian share market is expected to close the week marginally higher as investors remain upbeat on the U.S. Federal Reserves. Lesser hawkish stance on rising interest rates. on the other hand, the miners are likely to add to gains on higher iron ore prices. According to the latest SPI Futures, the ASX 200 is set to open 14 points or 0.2 percent higher on Friday. s p ASX 200 closed up on Thursday gaining 10 points or 0.14 percent to 7241.8 and setting a new 100-day high the top performing stocks in this index, was Saint Barbara limited and brain chip Holdings Limited up 9.09 and 8.63 respectively. Over, the past five days the index has gained 1.49 but is down 2.72 for the year to date.

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price-sensitive announcements coming from ASX

Let’s now take a look at some price-sensitive announcements coming from ASX. This morning active Investment Company Hancock and Gore released its results for the 2022 Financial year ending on September 30. This includes a 5.6 million dollar net profit after tax including re-evaluation gains. They also provided shareholders with a one cent per share fully franked final dividend declared on the 25th of November 2022 in addition to a one cent per share fully. Frank dividends declared and paid during the financial year net tangible asset per share growth of seven percent was achieved up until 28 cents per share Hancock and Gore. also enjoyed a major profitable asset realization with the sale of their Pegasus Healthcare stake for 10 million dollars in cash a 120 uplift on the initial investment in April 2018.

ASX listed golden Rim resources

HNG Investment Management also delivered 91 growth in external funds under management including the listing of managed fund h g High convection limited. HNG has a market cap of 65.36 million Aussie dollars moving on and ASX listed golden Rim resources. A West African gold Explorer has announced the appointment of a new board director Dr. Doug Jones has been appointed as a non-executive director effective as of the 1st of December 2022. Doug is a geologist with 45 years of experience in international technical commercial corporate and project management gained in the sub-Saharan parts of North Africa Australia Europe. And also the Americas he’s a PhD-qualified competent person with a joke, which is the joint or Reserve committee. He also has a track record of Discovery including the suguri gold project in Guinea and the saramaca deposit in Suriname. Most recently as general manager of exploration at Perseus mining, he led teams that added significant new gold reserves to Perseus mining’s Yara project in the Ivory Coast.

Golden Rim Resources has a market cap of 9.89 million dollars and has experienced a depreciating share price over the past five years. Falling by 94.78 percent also making headlines today is Jade gas Holdings gas Exploration Company. Jade gas Holdings is pleased to advise that Red Lake 7 has completed Drilling. and the Wellhead is now in place and ready for the commencement of extended production testing in January 2023. Red light drilling sites fall within Jay gas’s Flagship project the Tavan Tolgoi 33, also known as the TTCBM project. Jade is targeting natural gas from three coal seams of Interest namely four three and zero across the prospective areas. Within its can project permit, Jade managing director and CEO Chris Jameson stated that the completion of red light 7’s initial drilling goals was ahead of schedule. and also budget the company plans to next focus on Red Lake 5. Red Lake 7 was drilled and completed over a 19-day period to a total depth of 501 meters with gassy coal seams recovered and undergoing desorption testing.

Chad’s guess is a market cap of 68.47 million Aussie dollars and lastly, the Securities of WA Kaolin will be placed in a trading hold effective immediately. WA Kaolin who produces caroline a clay mineral has announced today. That their shares will remain on a trading halt until Tuesday, November 29 pending. Further updates w a cow Lynn is an ASX-listed Kaolin Production Company which holds the wiki open Calvin project. 220 kilometers southeast of Perth in Western Australia the company commissioned the Wicker pen processing plant in September 2022, Ahead of commencing a two-stage ramp-up of production to 400000 tons per annum. WA Kaolin has a market cap of 36.36 million Aussie dollars all right time. Now for a quick break here on the ASX at breakfast before we take a look at World Markets, the Aussie dollar oil gold, and the world of crypto to keep abreast of the biggest stories from the crypto. world the fate of exchanges and crypto hedge funds during the ongoing bear market and you’re wanting to keep up to date with the best and worst performers in the altcoin space. and that of Flagship currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum then calcine media’s daily crypto catch is absolutely essential viewing for you to tune in each afternoon right here.

Information you’ll need for a successful day of trading

We give you all the information you’ll need for a successful day of trading. Taking a look at Global markets and Wall Street was closed for Thanksgiving trading will resume on Friday in New York. Although markets will close early at 1 pm local time in Europe the stocks 50 Rose by 0.4 percent. London’s footsie had a marginal gain of 0.02 the CAC surged 0.4 percent and the German tax also saw an uplift of 0.8 percent music or the World index also saw a rise of 0.76 percent. The Aussie dollar has seen a marginal gain over the past 24 hours one Aussie dollar is currently buying 67.65 us cents setting intra-week High oil prices have fallen oil prices edged lower on Thursday. Hovering around two-month lows as the level of a proposed G7 cap on the price of Russian oil raised down to about, how much it could limit the Supply of Brent crude. Futures fell 0.3 percent to 85 US Dollars and 13 cents and WTI Crude oil Futures are 0.2 percent to 77 US Dollars and 74 cents per barrel. Conversely, gold prices inched higher gold prices Rose to a near one-week high on Thursday, on a weaker dollar after minutes from the U.S Federal Reserves. November meeting signaled it may soon slow the pace of interest rate hikes spot gold rose pointed three percent to 1.754 US Dollars and 13 cents an ounce by 205 eastern times in the afternoon. US Gold Futures were also up by 0.5 to 1.754 US Dollars and 30 cents and lastly, the crypto market has experienced some stability in the past 24 hours. The global crypto market cap has increased a very marginal 0.72 percent to be valued at approximately 833.93, billion US Dollars up from Wednesday’s price of 803.6 billion dollars. Bitcoin has gained 0.56 in the past 24 hours to trade at just above 16570 US dollars as of 9:35 am. Sydney time according to the coin market cap well that’s all for this edition of the ASX.

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