Crypto Market Crash – is it the Right Time To Buy Crypto?

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Right Time To Buy Crypto: If you have a temperament that when others are fearful you’re going to get scared yourself. You know you are not going to make a lot of money in Securities over time in all probability. All right guys influencers are running scared they’re trying to guess the bottom. These were the exact same people who were telling you to buy the top and some of you guys listened. And now these are the people after Bitcoin and crypto have been falling for over a year. Straight they’re telling you to sell the bottom and be careful who you listen to. we’re gonna answer these questions today as best I can is this a good time to buy crypto. Has crypto hit bottom and when does crypto begin to go back up again I think this is an important message right now?

Crypto Market Crash

So that all of us can get focused on the opportunity ahead crypto undoubtedly has wrecked a lot of people. But if we pick the right coins going into the next Bull phase few stocks are going to perform as well as many of our favorite cryptos in the next two years go ahead.

In the news that bitby went down to the Bahamas to actually confront scam bakeman fraud. SBF is literally in the Bahamas being reported to having I hate to even say it orgies you know on his in his Mansion. The lawmakers have been paid off so that he doesn’t have to pay the price for robbing the American public. Because they are his friends and they’re not our friends in a past article I compared SBF to Bernie Madoff that guy stole billions through a pyramid scheme. And when Bernie’s scams were uncovered he was arrested within 24 hours.

SBF Scandal came to light

SBF Scandal came to light earlier this month around on Sunday, November 6, and he has been free as can be he has paid zero consequences for shamelessly stealing billions of dollars every day. Working-class Americans they wanted you guys to lose your money they want to destroy crypto. They want you guys to be so afraid that you give them your freedom, they want to take it from you crypto represents decentralization of power. I’ve used this phrase many times it’s the government of the blockchain it bypasses them and bypasses them being Masters over us. I’ve shared this before the SEC is guilty they were closely aligned with Sam bakeman being freed. These guys have been meeting together were planning the future of crypto. These guys were protecting him they profited from the theft of investor funds Gary Gensler met with Sam bakeman freed months before. This collapse Gensler is a paid government position specifically to protect retail investors from this very type of scam at the bare minimum he’s terrible at his job.

In addition, the lawyers of FTX’s biggest creditors have swooped in during this chaos to block and redact the names and the identities of the companies that had been investing in FTX they were blocking it from the public. The reason is they know that if we knew who they were it could lead to us losing faith in them. And is that not the very responsibility of Gary Gensler and the judges to protect the Good Will of the public? That’s simply not what they’re doing guys it’s simple it’s like if there was a school and there was a principal of a school she’s in charge of all the teachers, and all the students, and everything that goes on in the building right? And if she knew that there was a bad apple teacher that there was somebody there hurting or harming the kids but she didn’t let the parents know and she didn’t do anything to get rid of him. She would not be acting in the good interest of the responsibility that was given to her it’s her job. When it’s all said and done to simply keep the kids safe and to teach them and that’s kind of what I’m saying about.

Gary Gensler and these judges and these politicians their mere existence is to protect our interests but, they’re continuously found protecting their own. and this situation with FTX It’s upsetting to many. It’s upsetting to me because it just really just screams the hypocrisy of leadership in the U.S. and now after all of that to add insult to injury they intend to parade him back into the center of town and celebrate him.

New York Times deal book Summit on November 30th

The New York Times has confirmed that he will be their honored guest at the New York Times deal book Summit on November 30th. Which I believe is this Wednesday in addition they have been producing puff pieces about him trying to groom America to somehow look past his Shameless theft. It’s entering into that strange realm where all that can be done right now is to laugh at the painful reality of how our leaders mock us here is a tweet. by Trung Fon about the potential lineup of other guests, it says, Harry and mark the wet Bandits Dr. Evil, and Will Ferrell’s Jacobin from Zoolander. They have no shame but I found great irony in the real list of speakers who are lined up to speak with him. Okay, perhaps we should consider the ironic Revelation that all of these hand-picked characters may be the real Dr. Evils of our day you’ve got the Ukrainian president Zielinski. Or should I say commander-in-chief of money laundering you have Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg the Nemesis of free speech you’ve got the U.S Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen? who lied to the American people telling them that out-of-control inflation was transitory and of course, you have this CEO of BlackRock Larry Fink who is working against the American people to buy up every single single-family home in the U.S. to guarantee that your children will never be homeowners.

deal book summit

It’s a Wonderful Life I ask you the question are these people our friends are they our protectors well you can probably tell that I have my opinion. but I’m going to let you guys decide for yourselves a quick station break for the MooMoo affiliate MooMoo is a zero-commission trade platform with the lowest margin cost for any retail investment exchange. Their Black Friday offer is 15 free stocks at the lowest deposit rate and a chance at winning sixty thousand dollars they have free level two data and a free stock screener to find hot stocks to invest in Daily. And trade order types like advanced stop-loss functions that you need to take profits and protect your Capital plus the stocks with the Josh Community page and the stock. Josh’s family chat group gets set up to invest better in 2023 and join the stock Josh Pham over on the MooMoo app.

About the adoption of Bitcoin and crypto

So, I brought this up today to remind you that this circus is designed by the rich and powerful to isolate you from the wealth they’re not looking out for you. They are literally feeding you fear while simultaneously positioning themselves for Success. Don’t lose sight of some of the biggest news stories that we’ve had about the adoption of Bitcoin and crypto. Currently such as Fidelity opens commission-free crypto trading to retail investors. Fidelity is one of the largest brokerages in the world handling over 10 trillion in assets this service called Fidelity crypto will allow investors to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum and use custodial and trading Services provided by its subsidiary. Fidelity digital assets these guys are a proven safe broker licensed bonded and insured and this is a game changer. Fidelity has replaced the FTX and the Sam bakeman Freeds out there and they’re going to calm the storm of fear in the coming.

Crypto Bull Run

Bull Run things are getting positioned Fidelity will lead the pack of traditional exchanges to offer these services to their cost customers, and the smart money is going to get positioned right now. they’re filling their bags remember smart money accumulation and then the markup phase will get ahead of you it will move super-fast. When it begins most people will not be sitting on cash waiting for that perfect moment to invest right at the bottom. That’s why people have to invest including me to really get positioned including the smart money. They have to accumulate over time remember the timeline we already know the having event approximately that’s April 2024. Which is exactly one year four months three days or 491 days from now Bitcoin in anticipation of the event will go up a full year before that date and it’ll likely rise all the way back to 69k that strong upward Trend will begin 126 days from now the approximate date is around Sunday, April 2nd, 2023. The bottom ironically should be approximately by this December 13th around the next Fed rate hike. So from December, 13th to April 2nd, 2023, is the Valley of the bear winter this is the ideal accumulation time frame and after the potential bottom. That is just days away every day of the crypto Valley the average price will slowly rise. so let me recap guys I didn’t sell my crypto I’m buying crypto weekly and accumulating right now. And I expect the lows to be achieved by the end of this year and they may potentially be even behind us. If they aren’t that doesn’t scare me I understand after that there will only be approximately a three-month Valley in the crypto winter leading me to April 2023. after which the markets should have a consistent average climb over time until we hit the next Bitcoin having April 2024. At that time Bitcoin may already be back to 69k within the next eight months by December of 2024. Bitcoin will hit a new all-time high which I’m guessing will be a minimum of 80k and the altcoins should Peak six weeks after that.

In this article these are my approximation based on past history and the video is simply meant to remind you where we, maybe in this crypto cycle. And to help myself and the FAM and keep our eye on the ball and the opportunity, as well as to expose the hypocrisy of the voices around you. That distracts you from building your family’s generational wealth. All right guys, I want to hear from you in the comments what you think about these proposed timelines, and what you guys are doing right now with your encrypto Investments. And if this information helps you, join me in this crypto wealth-building Journey.

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