Top 5 Crypto Predictions 2023 & Altcoins

bitcoin prediction 2023
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Crypto Predictions 2023: 2022 was one of the craziest years we have ever seen in cryptocurrency history, with many altcoins going to zero. Huge companies like FTX, BlockFi, and Celsius going bankrupt, and even multimillion-dollar hacks are just a few of the headlines we would all like to forget. But today is a new day. It’s 2023. And in today’s article, I’m gonna be sharing with you what I think crypto has in store in 2023 and my top five cryptocurrency predictions. And if you stay with me all the way to the end of this article, I’m even going to share my top five altcoins for 2023. And a very special bonus you’re not going to want to miss. But please understand that I’m not a financial advisor. In full disclosure, I do own some of the coins that I will be speaking about in today’s article. But if you’re ready to see your cryptocurrency portfolios turn back towards the upside, I need you to turn up the like button for the YouTube algorithm and make sure to hit the notification bell and subscribe to the channel if you’re new, because we post a new article every single day here with crypto. I know it’s a bother to ask, but thanks again for all of your support, and let’s get started. All right, so let’s dive right into my top five cryptocurrency predictions for 2023, why I think they are likely to occur, and how this could potentially affect your finances and financial decisions moving forward.

Crypto Predictions 2023

First Crypto Predictions 2023

Now, my first crypto prediction is that bitcoin will not make a new all-time high in 2023. According to Yasurramidi’s bitcoin analysis, you can see right now we are nearing the low point of the four-year cycle. Now, no one knows if we’re going to go higher or lower from this point, but from previous cycles, the all-time highs typically happen a year after the haven. As you can see, in the last cycle, we have on May 4 approximately of 2020, and we didn’t reach a new all-time high until April 2021. And according to this having model prediction, you can see that we will start to recover a little bit in 2023, but not at a new all-time high until 2024 or even 2025. Now, I know a lot of people might be saying in the comments, this time is different. They’re going to have regulation, everything is going to be different. Joe, how can you say that this is going to happen with some accuracy, while the truth is nobody knows 100% for sure? But if you look at previous cycles, bitcoin and the entire market have basically done the same thing every single time.

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Of course, there’s always a little bit of variance in deviance and we are starting to see slightly longer cycles with diminishing returns. But I’m a big believer in these cycles because of the event as well as the supply shock of bitcoin coming onto the market. And now more and more people know about this. And I am not one to bet against what has happened in the past because while it may seem too obvious about what’s going to happen in the future, human emotions do the same things over and over and over again. And this is why I do think that we will see a new all-time high for Bitcoin, but not for another couple of years.

Second Crypto Predictions 2023

Now, my second cryptocurrency prediction for 2023 is that Bitcoin and Altcoins will start to recover. However, we may see lower prices. Ultimately, I believe the market at the end of the year will be higher than our current prices today. And according to this model, you can see we may even go down as low as 10,000, even $9,000 as an absolute low. This would be an 84% drop from the all-time high of $69,000. I also believe that we may have already seen our bottom. No one knows for sure. But what I am seeing based on this chart and many other charts, is that we are at or near a bottom and that these could be some of the best times in history potentially to be accumulating cryptocurrency. I wanted to share with you another chart called the stock-to-flow model. This is done by plan B.

Now, every single time we have entered into these blue accumulation zones and these green zones, these have been some of the best times to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. And right now you can see we are entering the green zone. You can also see this white line has bitcoin recovering all the way to approximately $40 to $50,000 at the absolute highs in the next couple of years. Now, I don’t think that this is going to happen overnight. I think it’s going to trend sideways for quite some time and there’s going to be a lot that’s going to be predicated on the stock market as well as the whole macro environment. This is why I do think that we could see slightly lower prices. So it’s best to prepare for both situations. Currently, I have money on the side as well as money in the market. But personally, I believe it’s better to be riskier when everyone is very fearful. As Warren Buffett has always said, be fearful when others are greedy, but greedy when others are fearful.

Third Crypto Predictions 2023

Now, my third cryptocurrency prediction is that crypto is going to become even more mainstream and even more widely adopted. Now, according to Bank of America, they say regulation is key for the mainstream adoption of crypto. And despite the correction in the cryptocurrency markets, the development of blockchain technology has accelerated. And this was written from a report from the bank. In the last few years alone, we have seen some of the biggest partnerships with cryptocurrency and brands. For example, here are the top ten partnerships from Polygon, including DraftKings Nothing, Stripe, Reddit, Walt Disney, Adidas, the National Football League, Starbucks, Adobe, and even Metal. And in 2021 El Salvador became the first country to make bitcoin legal tender, requiring all businesses to accept the cryptocurrency.

Fourth Crypto Predictions 2023

Now my fourth cryptocurrency prediction is that we’re going to see more clarity and some new regulation with cryptocurrency between FTX, Congress, and Stablecoin. Coin desk does believe and their team predicts that the issues and topics will take center stage in the next twelve months. Now the SEC and many other regulators will be working around the clock with cryptocurrency and I do think that we will start to see some clarity in the future. Now I am not one to get into politics or really even know exactly what these lawmakers are going to choose. I think it is very important for you to stay up to date and understand what is coming for crypto in the near future and how this could potentially affect your investment decision. If you’re involved with a lot of these risks on all coins, please understand that the SEC may call these securities in the future. But there has been some hope against this as we have seen some really big news regarding the ripple SEC case. One of the justices did call cryptocurrencies commodities and according to this tweet, it looks like the department of justice is calling Mngo and or CRV commodities and not securities. If we see more of this happening, I think this will be massively bullish for this industry.

Fifth Crypto Predictions 2023

Only time will tell and my fifth and final cryptocurrency prediction is that the top 100 will dramatically shift and change in 2023 and beyond. Every single year we have new altcoins moving around and trading positions in the top 100 even think that we’re going to see some cryptocurrency altcoins that we’ve never heard of start to make it into this list. Now it’s anybody’s guessing what is going to shuffle around and why it’s going to shuffle around. And while I do think that we will see some new lot of lies, I do think that we will have a core of cryptocurrency stay intact. I do think Bitcoin and Ethereum will stay in their one and too respective anything after that is anyone’s guess in my opinion. So it’s best to continue to keep up with the industry and to smash the like button, click the subscribe button, and hit the notification bell. Because this industry moves very quickly and you want to be able to jump on new coins before anyone else. Because this is where you can make some incredible gains if you want to learn exactly how to find these new coins before anyone else.

Six Crypto Predictions 2023

Now, as a bonus six prediction, I believe that a new narrative will emerge and it’s going to be AI within crypto. I think this is going to be a massive narrative in 2023 and also into the future. And I do think that one other category is set to explode and continue to explode in the future as well and that is going to be meme coins. Some of the meme coins that have absolutely taken everyone by surprise, like DogeCoin as well as Shiva Inu are in the top 20 and they weren’t even in the top 100 within the last couple of years. Do you think we will continue to see not only these two cryptocurrencies continue towards the upside, but other cryptocurrencies that we’ve never heard of that appeal to the masses that will crack the top 100 and be some hidden gems? I will be here to discover them with you. If you want even more research, click the links down below and join my online class. We have some bonuses coming up here very soon and you’re not going to want to miss out on what I’m going to be doing in 2020. So there you have it. Those are your top five cryptocurrency predictions.

Top Altcoin 2023 prediction

My first Altcoin, while it is an obvious one I think is set to continue its surprise. That’s going to be Ethereum. Now the reason I’m saying this is because, in a bull market, this is where Ethereum could turn deflationary and we all know what happens when cryptocurrency supply goes down and there’s more demand. Typically the price goes up. In fact, since the merge, we’ve only had an issuance of 4000 Ethereum which yes puts more Ethereum on the market. However, I do think that we could see a downturn in the market as soon as more people begin using this cryptocurrency again. And with all the adoption and more projects building on Ethereum, this is why I think it is set to explode in the near future.

Second Altcoin 2023 prediction

My number two Altcoin is going to be a polygon. The reason why I’m such a big believer in polygon Matic is they are bringing the world to Ethereum and really helping Ethereum with the scalability issues. Ethereum is not going to change and be ultra-scalable in the next couple of years, especially in 2023. I think that polygon with making all the massive partnerships that it has and being a top 15 Altcoin right now, is going to continue its growth. More adoption is going to happen on this layer too. That is why I believe it is going to continue to thrive in 2023 and beyond. My number three Altcoin is going to be XRP under one condition. That is if they win their case against the SEC and they have not deemed a security. If this happens, I think XRP is going to be relisted on a lot of major exchanges.

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